Well poor Mitchel had his playmate grow to be a teen before we could atempt whatever happens with a rug, and I think he's feeling a little left out as his older brothers sat down for a heart to heart. He came over on his own accord and just stood there staring hands behind his back with a bit of a sad face, awww. But then Dad came over to read him a book, bit rude that they plonked down right int he middle of Dustin and Beau's conversation though!

To add to more chaos, Brandi had twins!! Another boy, Jake and her first daughter Jasmine. More juggling of the rooms, though I suppose at least Dustin is off to college soon so will have a bit more room!

Surprise from the Stork(s)! Screenshot Surprise from the Stork(s)! Screenshot Surprise from the Stork(s)! Screenshot        
#2 23-05-2014
What a cute nursery. Smile keep that rug and you might see some fun lol. If I remember right he may still be able to do the action on his older siblings. Not 100% sure on that as I haven't seen it in awhile.
Sims just love sitting down to hang out or read in the most inopportune places.

#3 23-05-2014
So its a spontanous action? not one you make them do? Im so intrigued!!!!

#4 23-05-2014
I can't remember that either lol, try having him click on the rug, if nothing pops up it must be autonomous. Is he playful? I know playful sims are more likely to do it. Wink


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