Hello.... again!
#1 26-05-2014 
A re-introduction Slap Man, I missed you guys and simming so much! I don't think I explained why I went offline, but I moved back to my home country after living abroad for over a decade... with just 3 suitcases and my back pocket stuffed with my savings. These past three months I've had two jobs and have moved 3 times--from hotel to short-term share house where I worked as a waitress at Appleebee's for 3 weeks, to a shared rowhouse near my new job (I work at a university), to my own apartment. I don't have internet installed yet because I'm still trying to recover from the culture shock of US internet. So expensive, so little choice, such sucky speed... Glare So... I have really slow portable wi-fi that I'm using now until I can get over my loss of years of 100Mbps for $50 and accept my new internet fate of 20Mbps (capacity, most likely 5Mbps results) for $80+tax (T_______T) *shakes fist*

I haven't built a box yet, because I've spent all my money on buying basic home stuff (I don't even have furniture in my apartment with the exception of an IKEA desk and chair). You'd be surprised how small things like rubbish bin, shower curtains, hangers, flatware, and the like add up so quickly! It's amazing! I tell myself that these are all long term purchases, so next year hopefully I can start saving money again. I will order the lovely IKEA sofa bed I had in Tokyo and use that as my bed. That way I can buy gaming box hardware and save for a car (which is so required here--another huge culture shock!) Since I won't have a car until the winter, I'll probably have to buy all my gaming box parts online (three cheers for free shipping!)

That said, this won't stop me from simming! I'm totally back now and I'll be playing and making CC on my laptop. My new job is very busy, and I have to start my graduate program in the fall (the main reason why I returned) but I plan to sim every weekend like before.

Anyway, it's so nice to be back *hugs you all* I'm loading my game up now... Wow! 3 months of NO sims whatsoever.

What's the longest time you guys went without playing?

*hugs you all again and squeals*
nanashi, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Aug 2013.

#2 26-05-2014 
Nanashi !! So glad to see you back. We kind of knew you would be offline because you were moving, but we missed you anyway.

Jeepers, sounds like a lot of things going on in your life. When people visit your apartment and wonder where all the furnishing are tell them its minimalism.

Longest time without sims? I think about 2 months. It was a long time.

#3 26-05-2014 
Welcome back,nanashi,hope you get things settled nicely
Sounds like decent internet is something exclusively luxurious thing in USWink
time spent no simming? - Well the time before discovering The Sims game,i guess

#4 26-05-2014 
Welcome back Nanashi.

I have had long periods of no simming in the past but none over the last few years Big Grin
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#5 26-05-2014 
Nanashi! Celebrate Welcome back!!

Yay that you will be creating again, but ouch @ the 'Net speed and prize. No offence to you Americans, but when you lag behind the rest of us, you certainly do it with a vengeance. Glare

The longest I've gone without simming... let's see, that must have been when my computer crashed last year. About a month? It felt like a year. Tongue

#6 26-05-2014 
Nanashi!! Hiya! Welcome back! I noticed you lurking around lately. Smile

Longest without simming? Dunno? Before I started making stuff, I can say that there were peroids of no simming (because I'm like that with every game I play). Since I started making stuff? Probably no longer than a day.

I hear you about sucky internet. My old provider was terrible- I don't know that the speed was but I do know that downloading stuff was a nightmare (something over 10mb probably wouldn't download correctly the first try- something over 20mb probably wouldn't download at all until the middle of the night) and I was happier than happy to finally be done with them. That was the only internet I could get (thanks to things being ruined for me by the ex) at the time. Those 2 years paid off though since I was able to get better internet. Still not sure what the speed is supposed to be but it's a million times better - just downloaded a file that was over 100mb in less than 2 minutes the other day- and its half the price. AND I get basic cable, lol. Yay! (CW is included in basic cable. CW=Supernatural. Supernatural=one happy MLC, lol. If they'd only include AMC in that so I could watch The Walking Dead...)

#7 26-05-2014 
Welcome back, Nanashi. Good to see you around again.

Longest without simming? Well over 18 months now :-(

#8 26-05-2014 
Nanashi!!! Welcome back!! Gosh it's good to have you back. What an adventure you've been through.

Hmmm, longest time without simming. A few weeks maybe? Have never really counted.

* fanseelamb huggles nanashi and jumps up and down like a little girl

#9 26-05-2014 
Welcome back, nanashi!

I hear you on the crappy internet. In the same boat myself.

Not sure what the longest I've gone without sims is, not very Tongue

#10 27-05-2014 
[Image: welcome.gif]

Welcome back Nanashi! I hear you with the sucky internet and cost. We have very sucky internet in Australia too. Sad

The longest I've gone without playing sims was about a year - and given everything else that was going on, I didn't really have the brain space for it either. I went for 5 years with only playing sims 3 and I missed Sims 2 horribly. I returned to Sims2 about 2 years ago now and will not let it go until there are no more computers left in the world that it can be played on.


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