Top 10 topics on index page with thread images?
#11 28-05-2014 
Ok, will check that out. But before I do, could you tell me how to get the replies number and the title of the thread to show, please?

You're a godsend, honestly.

#12 28-05-2014 
See attached file.

In the template fishhatt_gallery_gallery you can add the following variables:


My donate link if you should feel so inclined :

#13 28-05-2014 
{$fishhatt_views} doesn't appear to output anything. Is that supposed to output the views or the replies, as it's the number of replies I need.

#14 28-05-2014 
replies - hang on Tongue

{$fishhatt_views} should output JUST the number, {$fishhatt_replies} added to file.

Very very badly formed template:

<div style="overflow:hidden;width:100%;">{$fishhatt_title}</div>
<a href="{$fishhatt_postlink}"><img src="{$fishhatt_att_thumb}" alt="{$fishhatt_title}" title="{$fishhatt_title}, Posted By: {$fishhatt_username} Uploaded At: {$fishhatt_datetime}" class="attachment" style="vertical-align: middle" /></a>
<div style="overflow:hidden;width:100%;">{$fishhatt_replies} Replies</div>

Updated file attached.

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#15 28-05-2014 
Haha, bear with me, I know I'm a pain in your backside, but we're getting there!

Ok, so that works. I have the replies showing and the thread title and the image. The link of the image has for some reason stopped working, so I'm just checking that now.

#16 28-05-2014 
ok, have fun with it Big Grin

#17 28-05-2014 
Phew. Ok, so I've got them all positioned how I want them. The links work, the images work, the titles work, and everything's terrrrrific.

A couple of things...

If I download that other plugin you mentioned, would you be able to do something with your plugin that pulls replies from a period of a week rather than just a day?

And is there anything I can put in which will display something (like a universal prefix) depending on which forum ID the thread is from?

Thanks so much, Lee. I will be making a donation to your paypal thingy later.

#18 28-05-2014 
I will have a look at the plugin; please don't download it until I have tested it out.

Forum name isn't currently pulled. I will have to add a couple of joins to the query. I can get fid from the current query, just not name.

#19 29-05-2014 
ok, got this working. See attached.

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#20 29-05-2014 
Excellent! So, I just download the plugin from the other place first?

Just sent you 20 bucks.
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