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MLC made more under-the-stairs storage - and she did it for us, her downloaders, as a way to say thank you! Heart

* NixNivis glomps MLC, because MLC awesome

(edited to clarify who the awesome one is, because you could read it either way Tongue)
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With credit and a link, please DO:

- make recolours of my meshes and redistribute the meshes together with your recolours

- include my Bodyshop items with your Sims and my objects with your lots

- use my creations in screenshots, movies or stories; credit is appreciated, but in no way required

But please DON'T:

- take my work and claim it as your own

- upload my work as-is on any website or forum

- use my textures as a base for your recolours

- upload my work on pay/donation sites or to The Sims Resource - yes, that's even though TSR are supposed to be "nice" these days.

- alter or convert my meshes without permission

Thank you for downloading, and Happy Simming!

Under the Stairs, Part 2 Screenshot Under the Stairs, Part 2 Screenshot Under the Stairs, Part 2 Screenshot Under the Stairs, Part 2 Screenshot
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#5 29-05-2014
Karen, you're awesome!

* fanseelamb waits

#6 29-05-2014
@fanseelamb , you are as mad as a spoon

* leefish delivers

#7 29-05-2014
I have to agree with the initial posters, you both are awesome. MLC content keeps my game fresh and exciting.

EA should upgrade TS2 for today's operating systems and hire MLC to create new stuff packs. I'd buy them!

ps. And fanseelamb and leefish are also awesome! *lol*

#8 29-05-2014
You guys are awesome. Nutty, but awesome. Heart


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