• Wiley Cash
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Rating: 9/10
  • Review Type: Book Review
Just finished this book and it's very good. It takes place in a small town in the Southern U.S. in fairly modern times (maybe the 1980s or '90s... it's not exactly specified that I recall).

In the town is a "Signs and Wonders" type church where dangerous snakes are used as part of the service. Something bad happens to a child in that church, and the novel tells the story of what happened through the eyes of 3 different people involved - a young boy, an old woman, and the town sheriff. We get to know the characters and their backstories as they relay the story. It's not the fastest-paced novel I guess, but somehow it still manages to be an engaging page-turner.

I actually "read" the audiobook version so can add that that's very well done. It's read by 3 different voice actors which makes it easy to follow who's telling which part of the story. They're all good actors, reading with emotion and nice southern accents that add to the atmosphere of the novel.

Definitely recommended. Smile

#2 29-05-2014
Hmm, sounds really interesting, so far I haven't had a bad experience reading one of your book recommendations so I will check it out.


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