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Have just seen this amazing build set in progress at the moment by Tami at BPS, its looking amaze-balls!

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#9 02-06-2014
Might be interesting to look to see how the AL roof pieces work. Do they get snow on them? More importantly, do they get snow UNDER them?

#10 02-06-2014
Would invisible tiling do the trick without further hacking?

#11 03-06-2014
Tami just posted the window set a bit ago. I'm preparing to go check them all out in game.. like 5 seconds ago. Big Grin

Forgot to say: I dunno why she - or anyone else - gave me any kind of credit for this set. While I have helped her many times with something, all I did was suggest how to make the windows. HL did, too. I'm pretty sure she didn't go with my suggestion, lol. That said, it looks pretty nifty in the download post. So many pieces! Tami gets major kudos from me for taking that request on. Smile

Edit: No, they're not weather proof. Sad Guess it's time to get me an invisible floor tile. Other than that, it's a really neat set!
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#12 04-06-2014
That probably should be mentioned.


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