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Have just seen this amazing build set in progress at the moment by Tami at BPS, its looking amaze-balls!

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#5 01-06-2014
Lucy - if you click on Tinkle's name up at the top it will take it to the thread where she's working on it - it makes way more sense there - more pictures.

But yeah - that bit of the window over the top? That's looking like a roofy thing window.

#6 01-06-2014
I didn't see the link so I searched all over BPS on my lonesome and finally found it. It sort of made my head hurt the way they (tinkle and the brilliant mustluvcatz) were looking to work on it. Kind of like everything under the window will actually be outside? So you might get snow on your stovetop . . .

But it is beautiful and if they get it to work at all it will be groundbreaking.

#7 01-06-2014
Or just click on the click to download find button? Or is that not showing for you?

* leefish puts debug hat on

#8 01-06-2014
Uh oh! Whenever Lee puts that on it means something gonna fall down and hurt someone.

* levini gets a hard hat on, just in case.

Now on the Item set. I am wondering about it too Ritaxis. Then again , Invisible floortiles. I think there's a few around that can be used to make sure snow won't get in. But the issue I see is that the snow will sadly clip the window mesh. I trust MLC and Tinkle to figure it out though.


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