• The Snyder Family Scrapbook :)
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So I made my grandparents Wink (on Mom's side). I plan on trying to play them through the whole family...we'll see. I have never like playing a ton of sims in one family, and my grandparents had 6 kids. I'm making a scrapbook for them as I go. Have only done the one page so far. Have more pics, just haven't put them together yet. So may I introduce, Carl and Mary Snyder (an baby Joanne in the belly, lol)

Second pic done!

[Image: page2small.jpg]

The Snyder Family Scrapbook :) Screenshot The Snyder Family Scrapbook :) Screenshot          
#2 29-05-2014
Sounds really cool, Jones. Can't wait to meet them all!

#3 29-05-2014
Indeed, and nicely done scrapbook too.

Now to see if their babies pop out in the right gender.... and right numbers!

#4 29-05-2014
Well, will be a lot of saving and hoping and exiting without saving if it's not the right gender Tongue Next one needs to be a boy, then all girls after that.


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