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I was so sad to miss signing up for the secret scuba event here but they let me participate anyway! Here's a small set that was a participation gift for about two weeks but now it's a just a small set Smile

ten decals for HugeLunatic's LACK dining table (mesh included, thank you Lunie!)

Don't have IKEA? Here's the LACK side table extracted for base-game
x 13

IKEA dining decals Screenshot IKEA dining decals Screenshot          
Download link
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#13 03-06-2014
(02-06-2014 07:16 AM)leefish Wrote:  Shasta - second file is a broken rar - what is it?

Hmm I meant for it to be an alternate link at mediafire- I'm sorry! Still learning here :B

And thank you all for the nice comments!

#14 03-06-2014
Easiest way to do that is just put the alt link in the post and I will shoot that second file for you.

#15 07-06-2014
These are super cute, Shasta! Thank you. Smile

#16 08-06-2014
Like those joyful patternsSmile


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