June 2014 - TO-DO Lists
#1 03-06-2014 
1. The Tiny Tulips Set. Fix Hood view. Upload to Blog.
2. Maisie's Sign (sent to Maisie, so 1st part done. Recolours stick, slight mapping change, now for recolours and ready to go). - in progress
3. Tulip Grove Build Set for MTS - Aegean and Rain. --DONE
4. June Challenge for Leefish. -- DONE
5. Sim Make-overs for N99 - in progress
6. Curtain Templates up to Resources -- DONE
7. Colour Surge Palette recolours for wallpaper - in progress
8. Finish Pru's Englishifying Calendars.
9. More Calendars
10. Changing mesh for the EA Blind.

11. Colour Surge Palette recolours for Oaktowne Sofa - in progress

HIBERNATING - because I'm completely un-motivated to do them.
- Round 1 Lot in AGS (requires the sorting out of AGS)
- Bedding fixes
- Add-ons for Beddings
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amazon wishlist because Lee said so.
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#2 03-06-2014 
1. Hood
2. Career pack for Elders
3. Career tutorial
4. Sesamestreet recolours for student dorms --- Done
5. UNI majors
6. Bathroom/Kitchen walls
7. Finish Maxis color palettes and upload as resource
8. Simfused pot recolors --- Done
9. Key to my Heart - painting set --- Done
10.Hafi's CEP Extra - Lackified --- Done

I finished something so I can add:
1. Make your own Picasso - TS3 paintings
2. 4 Penny Lane --- Done
3. Modern City Rugs TS3
4. TS3 > TS2 conversion of favorite sofa's

Totally cheating with two extra items.

Fallen off the list:
IKEA rug recolors (need to fix that weird photoshop issue)
Mexican restaurant walls
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#3 03-06-2014 
1. Reminding myself to never make a to do list: in progress

Sorry, I had to. Big Grin Me? A to-do list? Hah! Then I'd need a list to remind me that I have a list, then a list to remind me of that list reminding me a another list. It'd be a vicious, never ending cycle. (Need proof? I make lists and lose them and/or forget them at home all the time and lists reminding me of those lists just.don't.work.)

#4 03-06-2014 
ROFL @MLC Rofl Okay well I'm gonna try a to-do list here for the very first time. Let's see how it works.

Edit: List deleted 'cause it was making fun projects feel like a chore and leaving me completely unmotivated to do 'em. Going back to keeping my lists private so they're just reminders with no pressure.
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#5 03-06-2014 
Who's Alcide and why should they die?
LOL MLC. I tend to oscillate between super-organised and super-disorganised. The list here is to remind me when I'm super dis-organised that I do have things to do and people I've promised things to. And it's here so I can't lose it.

However, this IS totally optional for everyone so you can do it if you want, or not do it if you want. It's all good. Big Grin

#6 03-06-2014 
@celebkiriedhel - Alcide is the sim in the plaid shirt. He needs to die (again) because he's awful and therefore fun to kill. Repeatedly.

#7 03-06-2014 
Well, I know the list is totally optional! But it's working for me just fine so far. No to do lists have been made anywhere!! Tongue

That said, I DO need to make a list. A grocery list and I can't forget it at home when I go! The fridge failed over the weekend, things went bad. So it had a clean out and looks pretty empty right now. Sad But at least it's nice and cold again.

#8 04-06-2014 
Put your grocery list here then! Big Grin

#9 04-06-2014 
1. Finish the teeny tiny house I have been unmotivated to finish
2. Learn more about BHAV's Big Grin
3. Learn about making slots
4. Get the Judging done for Joni's contest
5. Do the June Challenge
Totally un sim related
6. Get the stubborn hubby to a doc!!
7. Parent teacher interviews
8. Stock up on mixers and panadol
9. Go to Hamner for a grils weekend WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!
11. Recover from Hamner
12. Chicks go to the flicks movie night
13. Be a model for up coming hairdresser and get some (free - another WHOOP WHOOP moment) foils
14. Get at least one skate in during the month!
15. I might even go to work!
16. Have a drink while contemplating the to do list!

#10 04-06-2014 
Because Kiri said so:

Ranch Dressing
Sour Cream
Cheddar Cheese (shredded)

and this sucks because I already went to the store and can't even remember what I bought! Big Grin I did make a list and I did leave it at home. But I'm happy to report that I didn't forget anything that was on it! (There was only 4 things on it though - the first 4 things up there- after that I just said "Ohhhh, strawberries! Yes! Tuna? Yep, we ate what we had of that. Lettuce? Salad is always good.." lol)


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