The oddest thing has happened in my game. A sim has gone missing! A sim named Samantha Scully Mulder. Middle child of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder.

She's not in her house. In fact her house is nowhere to be found. Did she move away? Get eaten by a cowplant? Where has Samantha gone?

Surely she's just misplaced!?

SimPE records have been searched and revealed no Samantha listed on the town register.

What has happened to Samantha Mulder?

Posters have been made and frantically plastered around town.

Please call the number on the poster if you see this sim.

BREAKING UPDATE: Sim has been found. Turned up at her parents house with no explanation of where she'd been. Mother insisted that she move back in with them. Samantha agreed and is now safe and sound. But what actually happened to her while she was missing? We shall never know.

Missing Sim Screenshot Missing Sim Screenshot Missing Sim Screenshot Missing Sim Screenshot Missing Sim Screenshot    
#2 05-06-2014
All very suspicious. Perhaps an alien abduction? Her dad would definitely believe her...

#3 05-06-2014
That was her dad's first thought. He's still trying to convince her mom.

#4 05-06-2014
lol, love it, now if she was a male would she come back pregnant.....dum dum dum!


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