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Brand new on the market and priced to sell!

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The heart of this home is in the warm and welcoming family living, with lots of windows, and generous spaces. The kitchen diner is cheerful with a lovely garden outlook. There are two bedrooms one single one double each with built in wardrobes and plenty of light.

Move in pop your feet up and relax!

Ammenities include:
Open plan kitchen/dining
Semi seperate lounge
1 Double bedroom
1 Single bedroom
Stylish Bathroom
Lots of garden space

CC shown but not included:
Bath recolour by Margierytka
Bathroom counter recolour by Luasims
Kitchen counter recolour by Luasims
Not sure if I have used the master mesh or not for the door and windows so you may want this too

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: 55681

Custom Content Included:
- Glass Block Cube Design Window by CycloneSue
- Glass Block Window with frame by CycloneSue
- Glass Block Half-Wall by CycloneSue
- Stockade Fence Design 9 by Tigdadx4 by TigDadx4
- Fence Design 9 Gate by TigDadx4
- Glass Block Wall - Full Wall Window - Corner by Moon_Ez
- Grey thrifty marble: just like the original, but much gloomier. by Jendea
- Bari Door B by Veranka
- Bari Door full glass by Veranka
- Bari Door Glass by Veranka
- Bari Window Counter by Veranka
- Bari Window middle by Veranka
- Bari Window 2x1 by Veranka
- Bari Window small by Veranka
x 10

Toucan Blue Screenshot Toucan Blue Screenshot Toucan Blue Screenshot Toucan Blue Screenshot Toucan Blue Screenshot Toucan Blue Screenshot Toucan Blue Screenshot Toucan Blue Screenshot
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#2 05-06-2014
It's gorgeous Tiff. I love that blue too and the glass walls and and everything!

#3 05-06-2014
Thank you Tiff - its nice to get a semi-furnished home as I like to decorate the living room/bedrooms

#4 06-06-2014
Oh wow! Must admit I was skeptical about the first WIP pic you showed us, but the final product turned out really great. Nice job.


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