Partial Hiatus
#1 08-06-2014 
I'm feeling really burned out and just blah lately. So am not around as much, but still pop by at least a couple times a day. Just having a kind of off period. I'm always stressed and a bit depressed, but right now am a bit more so. Don't worry or anything, have been like this forever, it comes and goes, and I'll be "better" eventually. Just wanted to let everyone know why I might not be around as much for a few days, since I'm normally here a lot.
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#2 08-06-2014 
Hope you feel better soon. It's summer time. Get outside and enjoy the sunlight, eat some fresh fruit with nothing added, turn off your computer for a couple days and see what else amuses you (assuming you don't watch TV, if you do turn that off too!). These things might make you feel better! Until we see you again. Take care!

#3 08-06-2014 
Take care Jones.

#4 08-06-2014 
Take care of yourself! We'll be here when you get back.

#5 08-06-2014 
Hey Jones Big Grin

Take care of you


#6 08-06-2014 

Jones, Take care of having fun! and feeling better Smile

#7 08-06-2014 
Hope you feel better soon Joni, take care of yourself, have lots of rest and relaxation! xx
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#8 08-06-2014 
Look after yourself Jones. As a fellow sufferer of depression I grok where you are coming from. [Image: hug.gif]

#9 08-06-2014 
Take care, Jones, will be thinking and praying for you. Hugs xxx
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#10 08-06-2014 
No worries Joni,load your batteries full and enjoy thing you likeWink
Take care of yourself too,this "nah" feeling is can be quite hard oneSad


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