Partial Hiatus
#21 13-06-2014 
Joni,I'm glad to hear that your mood is improving Smile
Aunt Flo?Is it how they call "those guys" in english speaking countries?Wink

#22 13-06-2014 
Lol no Oeselian, are you a guy? Aunt Flo is the time of the month us ladies get.

#23 13-06-2014 
Ohh,i am no man Smile
and yes this is exactly what I meant with words in quotation marksWink
I was just curious about this expression
EDIT:note to self - learn the proper usage of word "that"
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#24 13-06-2014 
Lol, okay than I am totally confused to what your question meant then. Cultural confusion maybe!

#25 13-06-2014 
Next time B asks me why I am so cranky I shall tell her what with "those guys" and "Aunt Flo" I am on a partial hiatus. Then I shall look suitably dangerous.

#26 13-06-2014 
LOL. Literally! Rofl Big Grin
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