#1 16-06-2014 
wave I'm Skellington7d, also known around as SevenSkellington and Whattheskell but you can just call me "Skell" if you want. I've been in the TS2 community for about three and a half years now, writing a story on LJ and making lots of Maxis Match CC. I thought I'd join up here because I like the content and you seem like a pretty cool crowd. Every so often I go on a CC making rampage, so I'll probably share some of that here too.
Skellington7d, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jun 2014.

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Hello Big Grin

Welcome to leefish

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Hey,Skell! WelcomeBig Grin

#4 16-06-2014 
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something y'all might be interested in is my Maxis Match Repository project, where I've been repositorying (and revamping/recategorizing) any and all clothing conversions and separates for the smallest possible file size, pinned with the correct EP/SPs in the catalog.

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Hi! Welcome to Leefish, glad you decided to join this awesome pond Smile

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I shall add that to the finds section. Thanks for the heads up.

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Welcome to our pond, Skell Big Grin

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[Image: welcome.gif]

Hi Skell Big Grin

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@celebkiriedhel: Your smileys always crack me up Big Grin

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This pond gets more awesome all the time. Big Grin Hi, Skell! Welcome to Lee's awesome, cool pond.

* mustluvcatz replenishes the trail of fish food

(fish food = cookies in this case, lol)


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