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A simple dress with mary janes for teen females, creatively called the "Collar Dress" because it has a collar! Comes in five colors on a new mesh with both morphs, BG and nothing else is required.

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Collar Dress for TF Screenshot Collar Dress for TF Screenshot          
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#5 16-06-2014
I really like this! And I love mary janes. Smile Thanks for sharing! Big Grin

#6 16-06-2014
Skellington! Celebrate

Such a cute dress and lovely colours. Thanks for sharing!! It's fantastic to have you here on LEEFISH. Big Grin

#7 16-06-2014
Very nice - I especially like the shading on the collar.

#8 16-06-2014
ooh it's a dress, and it's pretty! Thanks!


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