Objects in inventory as result of good outcome for a chance card
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I'm working on a set of careers and I was wondering if the following is possible at all. My guess is not, but it doesn't hurt to ask or maybe someone knows a way around this to get a similar result Smile

Basically, I want my sim to receive an object rather than a monetary reward or higher skill level/promotion when having a good outcome for a chance card. Preferably something small, like a vase of flowers, certificate or something like that. The career is for teens/elders. As far as I'm aware, there isn't something like a career reward for them, is there? A construction like that would probably work too for the purpose of my career. Thank you!
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That is such a cool idea. It might be possible by mishmashing the "network" code where they drop tvs in your inventory, but that is just a wild guess.

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Thanks nanashi Smile Can you explain a bit more about when that happens? I've never had a free tv before Tongue Echo over at MTS has pointed me in the direction of a major by Phaenoh, which adds inventory items after each semester. I have no clue about BHAVs, so gonna start with Echo's beginner tutorial and work my way from there.

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@Klaartje, told you you'd be doing BHAVs next. Wink

And now I'm really curious about that major... I might have to take a look at it just to see if I can figure out how it works. Smile

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@Klaartje, what Nanashi is talking about is part of the Apartment Life EP: your sim is interacting with another, and the option to "Network" appears in the interaction menu. When you select it, the other sim tells your sim some story about how great they are, or how they have a common acquaintance or are in a similar business. Then at the end of it, they promise your sim a promotion, or they introduce your sim to one of their friends, OR they give your sim a present. That may be what you will want to look for, if you want to figure out how to give a sim stuff as the result of a notification/dialog.

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Thanks BO, shows that I still don't play often enough Tongue Yeah Nix, maybe I should properly finish my mesh and learn slots before diving into BHAVs... But distraction! Was going to find you the link, but MTS isn't loading... pooh and it is here.
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