Vista "blocking" my files...
#11 23-06-2014 
I don't have any knowledge of this problem unfortunately Catherine.

My only thought with the hacks - is delete them and replace them with new copies?

Also I would follow the instructions just before the blue box first.

#12 23-06-2014 
Thanks for weighing in BO and Kiri...
Yes, I followed the instructions (before what I high-lighted and everything) It still didn't work like it should've.

Believe me, Vista was NOT my choice! I bought this PC at the height of Vista-mania, to get any other OS would've cost me a couple 100 more.
And, this blocking problem has also now reared it's head on my Windows 8.1 machine.

OK. Well. For now I'll just 'unblock' manually from the properties menu whenever and wherever I find these files. I read somewhere that if you copy the files over to a FAT32 disk, and then copy them back, they will loose there 'zone' information and not be blocked anymore. I think hubs has an older external FAT32 HD hangin' around somewhere.... we'll try that next.

Thanks everyone, for thinkin' with me - Flower Smile
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#13 23-06-2014 
About the Vista thing, I understand your situation, Cat. For many of us, throwing money at the problem just is not an option. :-(

As the text clearly indicates, files that were already blocked before you start the procedure, will NOT become unblocked. For THAT to work, you NEED to do the stuff that you high-lighted. On the other hand, moving them to a FAT32 drive temporarily might indeed work too. I do not know what further advise to give.

Maybe, deleting those files and re-downloading them might help. But I can not guarantee that.


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