1. Fairy: You know what I wish?
2. Furry: No? What do you wish?
3. Furry: Go on a Sea Holiday.
4. Fairy: No. Not a Sea Holiday.
5. Fairy: Somewhere Sunny?
6. Furry: Somewhere Sunny... that's not just a holiday, is it?
7. Furry: This isn't a game.
8. Furry: You want to move to the City.
9. Fairy: Yup you guessed it. I want to move to the City.
10. Fairy: I don't know about jobs.
11. Furry: Let's pack and go!
12. Fairy: Let's pack and go!
13. Fairy: The job can go hang! Fair enough!

June Challenge. And the reason why the Nuff's are moving to SimCity. Big Grin

June Challenge - Talking? Fairy Nuff! Screenshot          
#2 23-06-2014
lol thanks Kiri

#3 23-06-2014
OMG - That's too funny!
*snort* Fairy Nuff Rofl

#4 24-06-2014
Furry nuff gets me more than fairy nuff!!!! LOL


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