SesameStreet Madness
#1 24-06-2014 

Really, what was I thinking? I finally have 17 objects finished, which means its only three more to go! For those who don't know about this project yet: it all started with that innocent Klippan pillow, Karen's contest and my passion for LACK. I made a nice color palette, found 9 other objects to go with the Klippan and thought I'd leave it at that. Then I talked to Karen and Lee and the project exploded. A list with a whopping 20 items. 20 items your sims students need to decorate their dorms. All objects they would buy/bring themselves into their rented dorm-bedrooms. It is on my june to-do-list and I will try my very best to get it finished before the month is over Smile
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#2 24-06-2014 
Love it all Klaartje Big Grin So glad to be of some assistance Tongue

#3 24-06-2014 
Looks great, I love that Elmo bin.

#4 24-06-2014 
Seriously cool. Big Grin I can't wait for this to be finished.

#5 24-06-2014 
looking fantasic Klaarjte, Im loving that bin too!


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