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I needed some sexy, retro sci-fi alien dresses for a Totally Maxis submission. Io's Trifle Dresses seemed like they could work, so I added some thigh-high boots to make them look more "space" themed. Comes in Io's original colors plus an extra green and pink.

Has a fat morph, which is more curvy/pinup-ish rather than fat.
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Io's Trifle Dresses with Thigh-high Boots Screenshot          
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#2 26-06-2014
These are fun. Also thanks for the link to Totally Maxis .

#3 26-06-2014
Ooh fun indeed. These look great, and I love that poster in your link... and all the other "vintage horror" posters linked there too! Big Grin

#4 26-06-2014
* leefish shall add those as a find cos are really good


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