Happy Birthday, Catherine
#1 26-06-2014 
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Catherine,
Happy birthday to yououoououuo!

Hope it's a great day filled with all the things you love!
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.

#2 26-06-2014 
Hope it's a platinum mood day for you with many peacocks and chocolate. Big Grin

#3 26-06-2014 
Singing time Big Grin

Happy Birthday to Cat,
Your gift is a cat,
Not a cat in hat;
Or a cat in a flat;
Is a cat in the sims,
One of the awesomest things,
So happy birthday dear Ca-aat
Happy birthday to you Big Grin

#4 26-06-2014 
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day Smile

#5 26-06-2014 
Happy Birthday!! May all your wishes come true. Smile

#6 26-06-2014 
Happy birthday, Catherine! I hope it's a great one, filled with everything that makes life good. Big Grin

#7 26-06-2014 
happy Birthday Cat!
[Image: have-a-very-happy-birthday.gif]

#8 26-06-2014 
Happy Birthday, Cat! I think 3 posts should definitely confirm that I sincerely hope you have a happy birthday Tongue

#9 26-06-2014 
Happy Birthday, Cat! Big Grin

#10 26-06-2014 
May you have merry and joyous B-daySmile,Catherine


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