• SesameStreet Dorm Templates
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Some of the templates that I made for the objects in my Sesame Street Student Dorm upload. All of them are .psd-files, I use Photoshop CS2 so they should work with that and later versions. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory, I have added a .txt inside the zip for further instructions. This is especially relevant for the Marek Lamp Smile

Have fun! Feel free to use and abuse these templates in whatever way you want.

List of object templates:
- BG Garbage Can
- BG Reflective Glass Mirror
- BG Retratech Desk
- BG Teaparty in Teak Chair
- IKEA Billy Bookcase
- IKEA Marek Lamp
- IKEA Bladet Pot
- IKEA Jules Chair
- IKEA PS Clock
- UNI Beanbag
- UNI Minifridge

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