Recoloring a CEP-extra item
#1 29-06-2014 
So, I know this question probably just doesn't deserve it's own thread and truly belongs in the silly questions-thread, but we have none Tongue I have been Googling and trying and for the life of me can't figure out how to recolor a CEP-extra item, an item that has been separated into two recolorable subsets and has two files, one to go into the program files folder, the other in Z-CEPextra. When loading the Object Workshop I can see the filenames at the bottom, so it's definitely loading them. They show up as two subsets in-game. But how do I recolor them? When doing it the regular way, through Object Workshop, it only gives me the choice of one object. When trying to do it by opening one of the two custom files, it turns into madness. Thanks for the help Big Grin

I maybe should add that I'm trying to recolor Hafiseazale's CEP-extra's Smile

Edit: Figured it out, thanks Lunie!

Make sure to have your file-table, which you can find under preferences, in the following order. May or may not be related to the fact that I have Double Deluxe .
[Image: 58347_140629171157capture_001_29062014_161137.png]
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