Pointy piece on a dress
#1 30-06-2014 
[Image: snapshot_00bdd30d_80bde34f_zps5e06bc89.jpg]
[Image: snapshot_00bdd30d_60bde5d5_zps399e9169.jpg]

This is a dress default for the good witch and while she stands still it looks fine, but as soon as she moves this point comes out of the stomach. The default is here http://digitalperversion.net/gardenofsha...pic=9521.0 Just wondering if anything can be done.

I opened the mesh in simpe, is there anything that I could do in there or would this be something for milkshape?
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#2 30-06-2014 
I'll fix it for you in minutes ,bad bone assignments Wink
EDIT: https://app.box.com/s/ucj4oh7fix6q59flnw3a - Fixed mesh

#3 30-06-2014 
Thank you so much Oeselian! So can you tell me what magic you used to fix that?

#4 30-06-2014 
You're right it's a thing for milkshape.You have to use Wes H's bone tool plug-in for that
Link to plug-in: http://modthesims.info/t/122399

#5 01-07-2014 
Thanks, not that I even have milkshape or know a single thing about meshing lol, I was just curious and it's always good to try and get educated even if only a little.


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