Challenge - July 2014 - Toddler Month!
#11 02-07-2014 
Daniel - can you please keep your comments about TS4 to the TS4 thread.

#12 02-07-2014 
sorry kiri, just seen your post now, I will.

#13 02-07-2014 
You're a wizz Kiri. Big Grin I'll have to see tomorrow as I kind of bought Skyrim on sale and... spent a whole heap of hours today trying to figure it out, getting lost by going around an entire mountain range when Bleak Fall Burrow wasn't THAT far away and repeatedly getting myself killed and being shown how to use the map by my 12 year old ahm. Now I am going to clean my kitchen to try and clear my head. Yesterday I did find some cute fishy seamless pictures which might work-felt since this was leefish it should be fish. If I can't get it to run I will give a yell. Smile

#14 03-07-2014 
ohhhhh I love Skyrim, so addictive! Got the expansion where you can build your own house and adopt children, lol hubby says I've turned his Skyrim simmish!

#15 03-07-2014 
I just got the Elder Scrolls and it was only $23 on sale. It's the first time I've played it so it's been a bit of a learning curve. I don't normally play killing type games. I haven't got a book so some things I've Googled or muddled around with and I managed to get through Bleak barrow falls. I get lost so easily I spend half my time running the wrong way or round in circles. How do you use a throwing knife or a scroll? I tried to use a scroll of fire on that first dragon in the main quest and dropped it on the ground-yep such is my prowess at this kind of game. I let someone else do the work then come in and do a dozen whacks and take the credit lol.
Do the kids grow up?

As you can see I've still been playing Skyrim today...

#16 10-07-2014 
Anybody got pictures for me of toddlers in their natural sim habitat?

#17 10-07-2014 
yup yup - Charles and Bryan bonding over books.... Big Grin

#18 10-07-2014 
How many would you like?

#19 10-07-2014 
Aw cute, Jo Big Grin

#20 11-07-2014 
Those are wonderful Jo! Gave me a big smile on my face. Smile


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