WIP - "Eco" House
#1 01-07-2014 
[Image: tumblr_n7yrkjx2r61sohoi2o1_1280.jpg]

This time I'm going for more of an "Eco" house feel, but I'm not so sure it's turning out that way...

#2 01-07-2014 
It. is. AWESOME!! Twi - I love it. Big Grin

#3 01-07-2014 
Looking great Twi - I really like how that round window turned out

#4 01-07-2014 
Thats looking really fantastic, and I dont usually say that about anything TS3 related! But this Im loving! Looking forward to seeing it finished!

#5 01-07-2014 
My one suggestion to make it more "eco" would be to replace the plain grey walls, with some sort of wood. When i think "eco" I think wood and stone Smile But that's just an opinion on more "eco-ness". It looks lovely as it is too!

#6 01-07-2014 
That is looking fantastic, Twi! Love all the greenery on the roofs.


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