Nixed Sims Update, July 1
#1 01-07-2014 
[Image: tsmchesttitle3.jpg]

I know the TSM clothes chests have been converted before, but to the best of my knowledge, those were static. Mine are not. Smile
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#2 02-07-2014 
Ohw, nice. I have a chest but never use it! Chests with animations, lovely.

#3 02-07-2014 
I prefer chests with animations. Smile

#4 02-07-2014 
Wow! After 9-10 years of the Sims 2, never realised they had chests, I only have the Base Game, University, Nightlife, Open for Business and Pets (for expansions, I have Celebration! Stuff and IKEA Home Stuff as well) which could be why, was it added with Bon Voyage?

#5 02-07-2014 
No - these have been converted from the The Sims Medieval, a separate game. Other people have converted them, but haven't done the animations. Smile

#6 02-07-2014 
I was annoyed that I bought the adventure pack of Medieval and realised I needed Medieval to play.

#7 02-07-2014 
Made a note for tomorrow's updates! Ginnie

#8 02-07-2014 
I love it when things are updated! Don't know why

#9 03-07-2014 
Thanks, everyone! Yeah, I prefer things that are animated, too, but you probably guessed that already. Wink

@danielroxheaps, what Kiri said. TSM = The Sims Medieval; this is an object I've converted from that game so you can have it in TS2, it's not from a TS2 EP or SP. Smile


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