July 2014 - TO - DO Lists
#1 02-07-2014 
Since Kiri is superbusy with making July the most awesome pool-toddler-month the Sims community has ever seen, I figured I would go ahead and get this thread going. I know I need it, it's already the 2nd of July and haven't done anything yet Wink You guys know the rules, so no need to post them again.

1. Hood
2. Career pack for Elders
3. Career tutorial
4. UNI majors
5. Bathroom/Kitchen walls in Maxis colors
6. Finish Maxis color palettes and upload as resource
7. Make your own Picasso - TS3 paintings
8. Modern City Rugs TS3
9. TS3 > TS2 conversion of favorite sofa's
10. A TS3 lot
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#2 02-07-2014 
I'll be sure to take a look when it is finished Tongue

#3 02-07-2014 
My list is super short this month.

1. Toddler Month.

#4 02-07-2014 
I have a list (Which is a great time to be able to complete)

- Finish my (SECRET) for Quxxn Day
- Finish a house building
- Show my friend SC5
- Get help with TS2 from celebkiriedhel (because I am a dumb a**)

#5 02-07-2014 
Aw Daniel lots of people are having problems with their graphics rules. I for one would struggle with this too.

#6 02-07-2014 
Well, I doubt you would be as clueless as I am. My PC is like, I'm not letting you have sims 2. I already have MySims, almost all of The sims 3, SC4 and SC5. No idea why because i got it in January and it has around 700 GB left

#7 23-07-2014 
July is almost done, but here goes...

1. Play something on the Mac to get closer to finishing out the rotation so a rebuild starts clean (only two and a half days left, which is one play session, practically!)
2. Stage eight (8) shots so I can finally finish my next story chapter... and they're not super complicated shots, either
3. Print out rebuilding sheets for everyone (again)


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