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These have been about since April, but first time Id seen them so thought I'd share.

So cute!
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Fairy Lamps Screenshot    
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#9 04-07-2014
Well... she's not beating her little fists against the jar - so, I think Nix is right Big Grin The jar must have air holes that you just can't see with the game graphics.

It is a really sweet little lamp, after all Wink

#10 04-07-2014
She could be stuck...

#11 05-07-2014
Ah, but you forget! She's a fairy, a magical little creature. She could get out of that jar anytime she wanted to. Wink

#12 05-07-2014
* NixNivis breathes a sigh of relief

MLC, so she's in that jar because she wants to be! Big Grin Odd choice IMO, but it's probably something we non-magical folks can't understand. Wink Phew!


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