It finally paid off! (Pictures)
#1 06-07-2014 
So waaaay back when, I still thought that Free Time and Apartment Life would be ported over to Mac-land, and I designed a set of community lots accordingly. After a while, I came to accept that it was never going to happen, downloaded a bunch of cc to replace what I couldn't have, and revised the lots. Some of that cc borked my game enough that I'd rather not bring over the revised lots. But guess who has two thumbs and .package files of the lots from 2010 (aka "before the borking cc was downloaded")? This gal!

* esmeiolanthe does a reverse Fonzie to point said thumbs at herself

And my careful designing paid off -- in spades! Six pictures below the cut.

esmeiolanthe, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jul 2013.

#2 06-07-2014 
That's fabulous Esme! Really suits the area and so well planned! Big Grin

#3 06-07-2014 
Looking great. I never plan that carefully, but I will be having a go with that train set.

#4 06-07-2014 
Your lots so neatly planned and indeed they look marvelous in nhood(in lot view tooTongue)Big Grin

#5 06-07-2014 
Thanks! Smile When I was a little girl playing with my LEGOs, I could spend many happy hours planning and building a city. That's carried over into the Sims, apparently. Smile

#6 07-07-2014 
I loved playing lego as well! Big Grin

#7 07-07-2014 
Looks great Esme, and I agree with Lee, I never plan ahead so carefully, so kudos for that.

#8 07-07-2014 
Looks great, and as the others said, wonderful planning! and I still love playing with Lego, think I like it more than my kids!!


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