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  • Rating: 8/10
  • Review Type: Game Review
Test your trivia and geography knowledge all in one game! How many questions can you answered correctly before you're out of kilometers? Drop the Google Pin on the answer and find out if it's correct.


#2 08-07-2014
This was fun! Big Grin Too much fun - I'm addicted now! Tongue

#3 08-07-2014
LOL - the first time I tried it I got 16. (Several were off by a mile or two - 'til I learned to zoom in on the map!)
Play #2 was absolutely PERFECT for the first 6 questions... Q7 was a sports-realated question, I answered with a town in NY, but the correct answer was Seattle. O.o

That used up ALL my miles.
I feel really stupid now Blush 'cuz I'm from Seattle. But, I'm the first to admit, I know diddly about sports. *sigh*

Fun game - I'll be back later Smile


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