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#1 10-07-2014 
I got it to load although it took ages and crashed while going through my million wallpapers. :/ Is there anyway to get it to load through AGS instead of my main game?
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#2 10-07-2014 
Jo -

actually you get it to load without any CC at all - just rename your main game from 'The Sims 2' to 'The Sims 2 - main'

It will create a game, with only what it needs which is about 3 folders. And nothing in them. After that - it will only have EA wallpapers in it.

Tutorial explaining what I mean - Creating a Vanilla game space for testing

#3 10-07-2014 
Oh, well that's easy I can let it load through my medieval folder, which is exactly that, a renamed folder. It has walls, but nothing like my main folder. I'll try tomorrow and see how it goes as I am assuming it was the amount of walls that crashed it as I was being impatient and clicking too fast for it. Thanks, it was kind of obvious as soon as you mentioned it!

#4 10-07-2014 
Good to know - thanks!
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