Help with food leftover mods-getting confused
#1 12-07-2014 
I seem to have numerous pages open and I'm not sure if I need them all or if they will all work together or not.

So I have had MogHughson's Autonomous Put Away Leftovers for sometime but yesterday was pointed to a get leftover mod called 'Have-a- leftover1c-serve" which to my bad I didn't keep the page but just downloaded the mod. I think it came from Simbology. Sims are supposed to grab a left over from the fridge autonomously with that one. Then I saw a link off Mog's mod to BO's here 'Food Dish Autonomy' and today found more food related mods on simbology here and that Mog also has Simply leftovers does that work with her other left over mod, replace it or what? I am thoroughly confused! I don't know which ones I need or which ones will clash.

If I change to 'Food Dish Autonomy' can I delete 'Autonomous Put Away leftovers'? I see FDA works with Simply left overs.

From the simbology thread:
Do I need or should get instead: Food Already Available - Sea/BV/FT/AL Version or does Bo's already take care of this?
Can I also grab the Visitor Snacking - AL?

What I want is for sims to put away leftovers like they have been doing, but to stop them doing it at uni dorms or other cafeterias as that was driving me insane. I would also like them to autonomously grab leftovers from the fridge unless another sim is cooking. Although the getting left overs autonomously isn't as high on my priority list. I want guests to eat what is put out for them and not raid my fridge. Can someone tell me what combo I need to achieve that or if I can't have it all.
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#2 12-07-2014 
Mog says that Simply Leftovers works just fine with Autonomous Put Away Leftovers. BO's Food Dish Autonomy replaces Autonomous Put Away Leftovers, so yes, you can delete Autonomous Put Away Leftovers if you have FDA. BO says that his mod works just fine with Simply Leftovers as long as you a. install the "MogH" version and b. make sure his mod loads last.

Food Already Available plays nice with Visitor Snacking Fix. My understanding is that this is most useful when you're having a party and want people to eat the pizza you put out, rather than trying to make lobster thermidor and setting the kitchen on fire instead.

I have had Simply Leftovers, Food Already Available, and Visitor Snacking Fix in my game all together for a couple of years with no obvious problems. FDA is a new addition for me, but I don't anticipate any problems, since BO is a very skilled modder. Smile

I have not noticed the autonomous behavior you are looking for -- my sims still tend to make meals rather than grab leftovers if I don't specifically instruct them otherwise. But my game has not blown up. Well, not for that reason, anyway.

Does that help?

#3 12-07-2014 
Blush - "very skilled modder"... I don't know if I deserve that much praise, @esmeiolanthe, but I *do* appreciate it.

Apart from that, I believe I don't need to add anything. You've answered the question much more clearly than I ever could. :-)

#4 13-07-2014 
Okay, so I should get Simply Leftovers, Food Already Available, Visitor Snacking and FDA. Get rid of Autonomous Put Away Leftovers and don't worry about any of the other mods. I agree with esme, you are skilled BO, I was thinking more about clashing from the mods altering the same code rather than the modders skill level.

#5 13-07-2014 
Well, this combo of mods that you plan to install WILL produce some conflicts, @joandsarah, because some of them indeed alter the same code. However, there is no reason to worry in this instance, because the conflicts are known and intentional :-)

Happy Simming,

- BO

#6 13-07-2014 
Eh? I thought conflicts meant bad things happening in game like jump bugs, but okay.

#7 13-07-2014 
There can be bad conflicts, like jump bugs, and there can be not-bad conflicts that will show up in the HCDU, but that are no problem at all as long as everything loads in the right order. I tacked a Z onto the beginning of BO's mod (the FDA), put it in the same folder as Mog's mod and that made any potential problems go away.

It's kind of like your shoes and your socks both go on your feet, so technically there's a conflict. (They both cover the exact same thing.) If you put on your shoes first and then your socks, you'll have a lot of problems. But if you put on your socks and then your shoes, everything works beautifully because that's the way things were designed to work. This is a not-bad conflict easily fixed by load order.

A bad conflict would be like putting on your socks and then trying to paint your toenails with your socks on, or maybe painting your toenails and then putting your socks on immediately while the polish is still wet -- they both cover the same area, but it won't work at all no matter what order you do things in, and you'll end up with a ruined mess.

Does that make sense?

#8 13-07-2014 
@joandsarah: Some conflicts are *indeed* cause of big trouble in the game, it's true. But not always. The effect of a conflict often depends on the nature of the conflicting mods. If a responsible modder knows or hears of a mod by someone else that his/her own work conflicts with, (s)he will examine the other mod to see if the conflict affects the way either mod works. If it causes either or both to break, then changing the load order might sometimes help. Or maybe some alteration can be made to the conflicting part, so both mods can work with it. In that case, the adapted mod must load last, because that one must do work for both. And if nothing else helps, the modder will simply declare that his mod does not work with the other one.

Several of my mods conflict with others, and in most cases I mention the conflict in the mod description and suggest a way to deal with it. FDA is a good example: it has a conflict with Simply Leftovers, and that's why there are two versions of the FDA. The MogH version is especially designed in such a manner, that the conflict doen't break the way Simply Leftovers works.

@esmeiolanthe: I usually suggest that people put each mod in a folder named after the maker of the mod. So all Mog's mods would go in a folder Mog. And because in most cases MY mod needs to load last, I suggest that people make a folder named "zzz-BO" for my mods. But if you don't have many mods of either modder, the method you used will also work well. :-)

#9 13-07-2014 
I am going to put all these food mods into a folder together, because otherwise I will have trouble finding them should I need to remove/change things around. I was planning on just using your file that says it's compatible with Simply leftovers. Do I still need to add some zzz to any of those?

I've had conflicts before, the worst being after I put on a homework placement mod and got some wicked spikes and sims hands coming off. After O_O I immediately exited out and removed it. It looked worse than nail polish on socks lol.

#10 13-07-2014 
Yeah, if you put them in the same folder, then at least a single Z in front of the name of my mod is mandatory, to make sure it will load AFTER Simply Leftovers :-)


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