"Hobby"/ Unowned Home-Business mod
#1 13-07-2014 
Hi BO. Smile

I have lately become a little smitten with the idea of blurring the line between Sim homes and businesses. I like the British Style High Street apartments with the "Apartments and Shopping, on the same Lot" mod installed, but the other tenets don't seem to actually shop like customers. They also seem to be the only would-be customers since there is nothing to draw real customers to the lot.

A home-based business may not always be appropriate, because perhaps the Sim living upstairs doesn't actually "own" the coffee shop or gym underneath. (But perhaps the Sim may, as a hobby/unofficial job, work downstairs as a personal trainer, barista, DJ, or whatever, as they could on an unowned community lot.) Reporters visiting to make reviews and Business perks would not be appropriate since the Sim does not own the business.

I've been looking into following files for the purpose of summoning customers, but I feel you have more experience with the business code than I do.

0x0CCA243B "Controller - CLP - Community Lot - Populator"
0x4DD9D462 "Controller - CLP - Generator - Townies"
0xB0860D98 "Shops - Sign - Open&Close"

If the BHAV code could be written, I'd certainly be willing to attach it to an object so that it doesn't globally affect all lots or to help in any other way that I can.

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#2 13-07-2014 
And what you want from *me*, is... WHAT exactly? I have no clue what you want me to do.
And also, I wonder: whatever it is that you're looking for, shouldn't you be talking to MogHughson first? She is the obvious authority on shopping in residential areas, as proven by the downloads you yourself refer to Smile

Yeah, it's true that I may have a tad of experience looking at such stuff. Yet it'd be hard to use that experience until I've repaired my machine. And even then it may take a bit, because I've been out of practice for almost 2 years now Sad

#3 13-07-2014 
I'm sorry I wasn't clear.

I guess I was mainly curious if you had any advice or foresee any concerns/issues with summoning customers to a residential lot that I might overlook. Would simply summoning Townies and setting their Greet/Visitor status to a certain value be sufficient to make them behave as customers? I would imagine your "Shoppers Respect Privacy" mod would be essential.


ETA: I believe MogHughson has retired. Her last activity on MTS was 27th Dec 2011 and I do not know of another way to contact her.

#4 13-07-2014 
Ah, I see. Mog being retired makes me sad. She performed some wonderful miracles in the worlds of Sims. You might send her a PM at MTS to make sure, unless she has disabled that possibility. But indeed, if she hasn't shown herself in 30+ months, it is concievable that she won't respond.

I understand now what you're asking as well. Alas, I have no idea how to proceed. The CLP-related files that you're looking at, might be the most likely to give you a clue, but I cannot be certain. And yes, if there is a "way to dedicate sims to shopping" it might very well be a sequence that looks like what you mentioned: summon a sim, and set some variable to a specific value. And though I can't be entirely certain, and have no way at this time to check it, I would suggest that setting their Greet/Visitor status to "Already Greeted" might do the trick.

And yes, my "Shoppers Respect Privacy" may indeed come in useful, when playing the lot in question. Smile


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