I decided to play the premade Newson family. Felt sorry for all those kids left without parents! Bit of beckground about them here http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Newson_family, they had Lyndsay Louie move in http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Lyndsay_Louie to help pay the bills and make it so the older children could stay in school, she then fell in love with Jack Stallkamp, who funny enough does not have any info on him anywhere! He also moved in and then they got married! Yay the Newson kids have a proper family again!

The Newson Family Screenshot          
#2 14-07-2014
Aw that sounds so sweet, Tiff. I always feel sorry for this little family too.

#3 15-07-2014
They look really cute, I should try and play them sometime.

#4 15-07-2014
Lyndsay Louie is a lovely girl, I believe from the Bohemian social group (AL). A beauty, and sweet too. Real marriage material! (even after 20 months of not playing, I still recall Big Grin)

This is a beautiful shot. Looks very cool :-)


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