Help with teen Style Stuff
#1 16-07-2014 
The games arrived yesterday and look to be in good shape. The only one missing is Holiday Stuff. I installed OFB yesterday which has been playing normally. Tonight I tried to put on teen Style Stuff and it asked to register, I clicked no and it uninstalled itself. We actually saw a bar start at 9% and watched it go backwards to 0, never seen anything like it. Tried again, but decided to click restart the computer before that could show up. After the restart I checked and the folder was there. Loaded up and no teen style stuff showed. Tried installing again but this time clicked yes to registering and then cancel and restart. I am going to go and try uninstall it and reinstalling it one more time. What could cause it to uninstall itself like that though or to have the folder there and nothing show up. if this attempt doesn't work I am going to try my own TSS disk.

Okay when I went to uninstall programs it doesn't show in there even though the folder is in programs on C drive so I can't uninstall what it's put on. Everything goes normally until that dreaded do you want to register window pops up. if you say no it asks do you want to cancel the installation? Angry

Decided to try my own TSS and it did the same thing, uninstalled itself so the problem is her computer not the disk, should have tried that sooner.

Just tried another fashion SP and it did the same thing, installed and uninstalled. Is there any work around for this?
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