The Sims 2 in Origin
#1 18-07-2014 
Hello there,

I have The Sims 2, University, Nightlife, Open For Business and IKEA Home Stuff installed on my computer (Thanks to Celebkiriedhel and Leefish), and I was wondering what would happen if I installed The Sims 2 (Just the base game) onto my computer


#2 18-07-2014 
You mean to install this BESIDES the set that you already have installed? That will not work. The Sims 2 is already installed, so installing it again is next to impossible.

If you mean to uninstall everything except the basegame, all the saved games hat include those packs will automatically be removed from your system as well. And if they're not automatically removed they will be unplayable.

And IF - as the result of a fluke - you DO get it to install again, you can expect both versions of the game to become highly unstable and act really weird. Nobody will be able to help you with what follows next.

#3 18-07-2014 
You could in theory install one to a none default location - like say not on the C Drive but another partition. Not tested.

#4 18-07-2014 
The registry might get real confused even if you installed to a different location. Heck, it sometimes gets confused when you do everything exactly like you're supposed to. I wouldn't attempt it if I were you, Daniel. Use the AnyGameStarter if you want to play a basegame-only game.

#5 19-07-2014 
If they installed just the base onto another drive I think that should be okay. I would recommend AGS for that though. I have my main game on D drive and AGS on C drive with 3 slots, base game, Seasons and M&G.

#6 19-07-2014 
Ok, thanks for helping, I will get back to you


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