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I googled. I checked. There are no Toy ovens out in the real world that have psychedelic muffins on the side. The best you get is toy ovens that are made to look 'country'.

So not buying into the whole marketing to gender thing - here are 6 recolours in the MLC palette colourways. The stripe is on the side because apparently EAxis thinks that if you want to have an oven door a different colour to the stove, then you have to have a stripe. But it's a plain unassuming stripe that doesn't want to get in anyone's way. And it's certainly not on drugs.

[Image: ea-toyoven-mlc.jpg]
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Apart from that, feel free to use, modify, mutilate, etc. Credit would be nice.

Toddler Month - EA Toy Oven in MLC Palette Screenshot Toddler Month - EA Toy Oven in MLC Palette Screenshot          
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#2 19-07-2014
Very cute and pretty, Kiri, the stripe is... interesting Big Grin

#3 19-07-2014
Some day, EA will map an object in a way that makes sense. And then the world will stop. Tongue

But I love the recols! Ovens not on drugs = good (and you know I lurve the MLC palette). Smile

#4 19-07-2014
its a cute stripe Big Grin


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