• Toddler Month - Pool Lane Dividers (UPDATE:FIXED)
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UPDATE: Many, Many thanks to NixNivis who continues to be my go to person for Bhavs which are my nemesis.
If you downloaded before 30 March 2015, then download deco-pool-separator-MAS.rar and let it replace the original. The recolours will work as usual.

If you download after 30 March 2015, then download pool-lane-dividers-MAS.rar it has the fixed file in it.

Something a little different for toddler month - Pool Lane dividers. I saw some made for Sims 3, and wondered where the Sims 2 ones were. After having a cursory glance - decided to make some.

These are medium to high Poly - single tile F840 V585 (according to SimPE) and need NIGHTLIFE - because I've cloned it from a rug.
It goes on the pool and pond without a move cheat. Many thanks to the Fish who is a Duck. Big Grin

You will find them in DECO/MISC for 50 simoleons.

NOTE: It sits under the land line, so if you place it on land you're never going to be able to find it again.

[Image: pool-lane01.jpg]

Sims can swim through them, so they are just for show.

This is also my 2nd object made from scratch, so please let me know if there are problems with it.

By the way - It’s old school - that is a cork on the rope, and a plastic ring on the cork. the new fancy ones are a bit beyond my capabilities at the moment.

Three Recolours - Red/White, Blue/White/, Red/Blue. Original texture is Orange/Yellow. I've left the rope as a slightly less than primary yellow. But it can be recoloured.

The Fish who is a Duck - lee for helping me suss it out.
NixNivis for helping me out with the whole putting bhav's back in to the object thing.
x 12

Do not upload to Paysites or TSR.

Apart from that, feel free to use, modify, mutilate, etc. Credit would be nice.

Toddler Month - Pool Lane Dividers (UPDATE:FIXED) Screenshot Toddler Month - Pool Lane Dividers (UPDATE:FIXED) Screenshot          
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Cool! Thanks Tongue

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they look cool kiri Big Grin

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They look great! Glad I could help with those elusive BHAVs. Smile


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