BHAVs aren't misBHAVing but they could BHAV better
#31 01-08-2014 
Ritaxis - I tried other colors for the glow. Some were.. less than optimal. Green? Made the object look radioactive. Which might work for a different object, but not this one. Platinum was perfect!

Kiri - you can see parts of the Mysterious Object! A smidgen on the sides and then there's the base. Big Grin

Klaartje - omg NO, don't be picking my brain! The poor thing hurts enough as it is! There will be no need to link when it's done, you'll know because you'll see it everywhere. HeeHee.

Update: Success!! I started over (earlier today, not now) and got the effect right first then started on the BHAVs again. So far it works perfectly and I'm sooooo happy! I've been making sure to save a working copy after every in game test this time, so if I DO goof something up again I can use a fresh working copy and try it again.

#32 01-08-2014 
Go, MLC! Celebrate @Klaartje is right, you are becoming a pro. Soon I'll be the one asking you for advice, you'll see. Wink

I love effects! Effects are fun! If I can make something shiny and add an effect to it, I'm pretty much in modder heaven. Big Grin

* NixNivis is curious about the Mysterious Object, too; she knows what the first one was, but this one looks quite different

Edit: Aaand I'm off. Like I said before I will have Internet access, but no Sims or SimPE until Monday. Smile
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[Image: 102l65h.jpg]

Skills! Motives! Joining in! Electrocution! Pretty glow effect! Put it all together and what do you get: SUCCESS! I had a bit of a NOOOOO moment when an error popped up, but it was an undefined transition error and that I know how to fix. Fixed, tested, no errors, everything runs smooth as silk.

* mustluvcatz breathes a hugeeeeee sigh of relief

Now- if only I could get a certain @MSD to help me out in my "on/off" thread... I'd still like to add that if I can manage to understand it all. No big deal if it doesn't get done though. Smile

#34 03-08-2014 
Go, MLC!!! Celebrate

I looked at your thread over at MTS, and yes, do ditch the Start Run Mode BHAV and do it all in the main instead, that's better in this case.

You said in the MTS thread that the true and false targets are messing you up? Which ones?

#35 03-08-2014 
All of them, lol. *haz stoopid moments* Honestly- the true and false targets confuse me and I don't really know why. Sad When I tried it out, it errored. What I got was a "Check tree primitive blocked completion". So I obviously did something I shouldn't have. It would be really neat to have the effect turn off at night.. but I don't think my mouse can handle being thrown any more.

I may have to send you the Mysterious Object. I thought the undefined transition error went away and it DID for one of the interactions. Now I get it for another interaction, which is strange because it didn't do it before and I didn't change anything there. (That interaction and another one are pretty much the same except for the animations. The other one doesn't error in any way.)

#36 03-08-2014 
If it's any consolation, true and false targets can confuse me, too. Sometimes I have to say it out loud what I want to happen under which circumstances to get things straightened out, much to my dog's confuzzlement. Wink

Don't you love it when things you didn't touch start throwing errors spontaneously? Tongue And I'll be happy to have a look at it, but I'm on my not-simming netbook right now, I won't be back on my simming computer until tomorrow. But then I'll get to it first thing!

#37 03-08-2014 
* mustluvcatz reminds herself of time differences
And it doesn't help that I've been a day ahead of myself for forever now..

No, no, I don't love it! Why can't the stupid thing just BHAV already! Tongue I'm trying the effect on/off on another version that has the effect in the Main right now. That version doesn't have all of the interactions the way I WANT them to be yet.. but if I get the on/off to work (think positive MLC!) I can easily fix that. Then there would be just that error to fix. If it still happens, that is.

#38 03-08-2014 
* NixNivis thinks life would be a lot easier if the world was flat and we were all in the same time zone Tongue

Of course you'll get it! Those misBHAVing BHAVs chose the wrong cat to mess with! vamp

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Well, the good news is that there were no errors popping up. The bad news is that the effect didn't turn on or off. But that IS progress! To me it looks like everything is linked up right, the game thinks I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm not giving up get. You'll know when that happens though- the crash will be heard world wide.

#40 03-08-2014 
Double posting to say: I've got it to where it kind of works, so more progress! Kind of works? It doesn't turn on at all during the day and turns on at night. *sigh*

@NixNivis, @MSD - since Echo doesn't post much anymore I look to the 2 of you for the learnings. Smile So if either one of you says "do this" or "try this", I trust that it'll probably work and if it doesn't work, there will be a way to fix it. Which leads me to ask why on earth can't I get MSD's way of adding the on/off to work?!?! Grrrrrrr. I didn't matter what I did. The Mysterious Object just sat there glowless. How did I get it to half-work? Adapted Inge's coding from the drapes- 2 days ago just looking at it just made me go "Huh??" so I guess I can't complain. *is learning more and more* Smile It didn't throw any errors at me, which means I'm going to stare at the BHAV until something jumps out at me and says "Change this and I WILL WORK!!".

edit: The on/off is working like I wanted it to! After 4 sims days and no errors with or without my sims interacting with it, I'm thinking it's fine. Now to work on putting the interactions back the way I want them!

P.S. I am wondering if the idle I put in after the effect starts is really needed but I don't want to mess it up now that it works. I just followed how Inge set up her auto-drapes- where she has an idle or global, I've got one. Where she has update by attribute, I've got the effect start or stop. It seems simple now that I look at it but, honestly, 2 days ago it all looked like gibberish. Smile
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