BHAVs aren't misBHAVing but they could BHAV better
#41 04-08-2014 
I'll be happy to look at it and fiddle with it. Just point me to a download link. Smile If we can catch each other in chat, that would be great too Big Grin

#42 04-08-2014 
(Still not on my simming computer, won't be until later today.)

You are indeed learning, MLC. Big Grin Whether or not you need the idle depends on what happens after it and if you want the object to wait a little before going there - because that's all idles do, really, tell the object (in this case; can also be the Sim interacting with it) to "hold for X clicks". But if you have an idle after you've started the effect that just returns true... it isn't really necessary, no. (If it'd been something like an animation, you might have wanted it to hold for a moment before it was done for the day - like with the Curse God interaction - but an effect is just going to keep doing its thang anyway, so an idle isn't doing much of nothing there.)

#43 04-08-2014 
*is becoming quite the expert when it comes to errors* I've even started adding the interaction that was added and works to the end of the saved packages. Big Grin

So I've got one more interaction to redo. If that works fine and doesn't throw any of those $*(@#*!& errors at me, the only thing left to do will be to fine tune to on/off for the effect. Since I'm not too sure how to do that, will you be available to help? Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with plumbbobs on top? Ohhhhh... plumbbobs, that reminds me: the version you downloaded isn't any good anymore. It may work but it's not the one I've got now. (Gave it away there, didn't I? Yes, the Mysterious Object is a plumbbob. A pretty plumbbob that glows and dosen't just sit there!)

Edit: The pleases were for Nix and @MSD. Time zones, not being on simming computer (maybe?), sleepy MLC.. so someone, sometime today? Might be best if I post it when it's done as far as I can get it?

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I'm baaack. Big Grin So sure, shoot me a plumbbob whenever you're ready. Wink

#45 04-08-2014 
* mustluvcatz is imagining all kinds of errors going on

Nervously waiting, lol. Question: when it's all ready to go is there any reason it wouldn't be base game? I mean- it IS base game when it comes to the mesh. Will the interactions or animations change that at all?
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Aww, there are no errors going on - or rather, no errors because of anything you did. Wink I'm currently fiddling with it to make it so that the effect turns on right away when you place it, but only when it's daytime. Unfortunately I also have a killer headache because of this !@¤#% &% heat, so I'm not at my brightest. Tongue Might have to call it a day and tackle it again tomorrow.

Nope, it should be base-game compatible. Well, unless you've used any non-basegame animations, but I don't think you have - and even if you did, all you need to do is to import it into your package and rename it (and replace the old name in the animation text list) and you're good. Smile

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I knew it.
* mustluvcatz broke Nix

Re being base game. Yeah. Since the animations I used came from The Sims 2 folder I guess they're all base game animations then. For someone who's fairly intelligent, I'm sure not the sharpest tool in the shed sometimes. Good thing those times are few and far enough between that I can fool everyone into thinking I'm a genius, huh?

You rest. I'll send soothing, cooling thoughts your way. *hugs*

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Nonono, you didn't break me! It's not your fault I don't do heat well - and I really should have known better than to tell you I'd tackle this as soon as I got back. Tongue

It's much nicer and cooler today, though - we even got rain! Celebrate And I'm making progress on the Mysterious Plumbbob. Could not get the whole turn-on-effect-if-placed-at-daytime-but-not-if-night thing to work in the main, so I resurrected the Start Run Mode BHAV I said you didn't need - and it works! There's one weird thing going on I'm trying to un-weird, but that's all that's left to do. Will PM you and try to explain what I did when I'm done. Wink

#49 05-08-2014 
I've been playing with the on/off thing- still in the main. I managed to get it to turn on when placed but that broke the turn off at night. My idea sounded logical- check to see if it's earlier than.. er, whatever time "Literal 0x0013"(when it gets dark) is supposed to be. Maybe that's the problem on my part- I either think too logically or not logically enough and my logic and SimPE's logic don't match up, lol.

Idea Re-reading what I just typed.. *runs back to SimPE*, although I can't see the idea I just got actually working. Worth a try though! Smile

#50 06-08-2014 
It works! It works! @NixNivis - if you did get it working the Start Run Mode BHAV way, maybe it should be looked at to see which way is best?

What I did was add 2 lines to check if it's day or night when the object is placed. The rest of the lines loop- leaving out the day/night checks. If it's day it glows then goes on to turn off at night. If it's night it stays off and glows when it's day time again. I tried it both ways- placing when it's day and placing when it's night- and played through a few sim days each way and didn't get any errors. I did have a bit of a "Omg, so close but not yet!!" moment. Then I realized there was a == where there should've been a :=. Oops, lol. So. It glows when it should and doesn't glow when it shouldn't!

You do realize that I don't plan on making anything like this ever again, right? At least not until my hair grows back. Big Grin


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