BHAVs aren't misBHAVing but they could BHAV better
#11 25-07-2014 
[Image: 2k4q5f.jpg]

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!! *throws confetti around* The nukeables nuked, the editables edited. Everything works! This is D.O.N.E.!!!

Randy it was, I think. And yes the fire was coming out of his butt, which makes it even better. Tongue

* mustluvcatz promises to clean up the confetti

#12 25-07-2014 
Well done, MLC!! Celebrate Celebrate Celebrate

And errors that make you ROFL are my favourite errors. Wink

#13 29-07-2014 
* mustluvcatz hyperventilates

Okokok, it might not be that bad, lol. But I was planning on a special upload for when I reached 1,000,000 downloads or my 5 yr creator anniversary. A week ago it looked like I had plenty of time - but thanks to the new interest in TS2 I might have a whole 4 days. What?!? I KNOW!! At the time I started planning I still needed 20,000ish to get to 1,000,000. In the last 4 days alone, the average downloads has been around 2,000. So my math tells me that in 4 days or so... ACK!! I'm not ready! I really should've started planning this earlier anyways, seeing that my 5 yr anniversary is coming up. Oops. Big Grin Ooooooh, 3 more uploads before this and it could be a triple whammy!! 100 uploads, 5 years, number of downloads!

So- I've been working on a different version of the Mysterious Object (that the person I made it for LOVES, so thank you!! for the help making it!!) without the prayer animations. I kept the other 4 interactions and have been editing them. One of them builds Charisma, another one will build Knowledge (I hope, haven't quite tested it yet), the other 2? Nothing like that although I think the electrocution one should have SOMETHING. What I'd really like to do is make at least 1 of them joinable. I'm thinking Praise for that because joining it sounds logical.

I already asked MSD about this and he did explain it very well. I just can't wrap my head around it. (So I'll probably bug both of you thanks to time zones, lol)

#14 29-07-2014 
am getting excited now Big Grin

#15 30-07-2014 
Love the idea, MLC! Big Grin Hmm... what if the electrocution one made the Sim's motives drop? Comfort, fun, bladder, maybe a few others as well? 'Cause being electrocuted by God sounds like something that'd make your mood plummet to me. Wink

When you say you want Praise to be joinable, how advanced do you want it to be? Do you simply want the Mysterious Object to have a menu option to "Join Prayer" or somesuch when a Sim is praising, or do you want to make it so that the praising Sim can ask another Sim to join as well?

#16 30-07-2014 
Which ever way is easiest, lol? Which to me seems to be the "Join Prayer". Having the sim ask another to join would be ideal but I don't know whether or not I can stand any more grey hairs!

The electrocution idea? PERFECT!

#17 30-07-2014 
Hee, I got the idea from... well, from myself, actually. Wink Remember a certain vampire music box?

I was hoping you'd say that; asking another Sim to join isn't something I'm sure I could do. (In theory, maybe, but it's something I've never actually tried, so it could be one of those things that look good in my head but don't actually work in reality.) "Join Prayer" is as easy as pie, though: Have the "praise" interaction set an attribute called "praising" or something like that, and then add a "join prayer" menu option that has a one-line guardian that checks if this attribute is set (that returns false if it isn't).

And if that pie makes you go "say what?", don't worry, I'll be back with a better explanation later, I promise. Smile Right now I have to go, though.

#18 30-07-2014 
*scratches head* Well, I get the adding to the pie menu. I get adding a guardian BHAV check. I don't get this: "Have the "praise" interaction set an attribute called "praising" or something like that..." That part is over my head. (And I've been looking at it in SimPE since I read your post!)

Now I've managed to make it so 2 of them don't even queue. The little icon disappears right away. Grrr. (That happened another time with 1 of them and I fixed it.. can't remember how though, lol.)
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#19 30-07-2014 
Sheesh! I look away for five seconds, and you immediately start breaking things! This is why we can't have nice things. Tongue (J/k, of course. Want me to see if I can unbreak it, or do you want to try yourself?)

Anyway, when the Mysterious Object has been healed, here's what you should do to set up the attribute thingie:

Clear as mud? Tongue

#20 30-07-2014 
It's actually very clear. Big Grin Omg. Does this mean I'm LEARNING STUFF?!? Learning is fun, that's how I broke things- I was learning. I'll fix it though. I will I will I will.

* mustluvcatz skips off to call things rhubarb and make her test sims pet skunks


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