BHAVs aren't misBHAVing but they could BHAV better
#21 30-07-2014 
Yay! Celebrate I agree completely, learning is fun. And learning by breaking doing is the best way to learn IMO. Big Grin

#22 30-07-2014 
Trust me, I'm learning. Sad I broke one of the interactions yesterday and fixed it right away. Today? Different story. Nothing I'm doing is fixing the 2 that are broke- even copying a previous version that I know isn't broke (making sure it all looks the same) isn't doing it like I thought it should. Those 2 interactions still don't even make it to the queue with one exception. I may have to send you my hopelessly broken mysterious object before I'm bald.

Will edit if this last thing I'm trying doesn't work!

#23 31-07-2014 
* NixNivis has every confidence in MLC's abilities to fix broken things Smile

#24 31-07-2014 
Wish I did. Sad I gave up on it and started it over. NONE of the edits I did fixed it. Sending it to you was (still is) very tempting, but I'd really like to be able to do it on my own. With a nudge in the right direction from you if needed. Again. Smile Good thing I save perfectly working versions of things! Now I've just got to edit one and do it right this time.

Nudge needed, lol: Effects. I want to add one and do remember how to do it, there's just one little snag. Following Atavera's tutorial, you're supposed to add the stop/start to the Main BHAV. When you helped with the stove, you had me make a Function - Start Run Mode BHAV for it. The mysterious object's Main BHAV only has 1 line so it looks nothing like the BHAV in his tutorial. So I'm stuck on that part. Do I add the needed line to that Main BHAV or make the Function - Start Run Mode BHAV instead? Other than that I know how to do it, I even know where to find the effects. Go me, lol!

#25 31-07-2014 
I understand completely about wanting to be able to do things on your own, I'm like that, too. Smile So go get it!

* NixNivis nudges MLC as requested Wink

Ooh, a Mysterious Object with effects! Big Grin Me, I'd go with a Start Run Mode BHAV, but that's really just a personal preference - I think the BHAV-ing is easier to handle that way, less lines to keep track of. There isn't much of a difference object behaviour-wise, though; with a Start Run Mode BHAV, the effect doesn't start until you enter live mode, and I think the main (and hence the effect) is loaded when you place the object (but I could be wrong about the last part). But that's the only difference.

Just FYI I'm going away over the weekend, I leave tomorrow and won't be back until Monday. I'll have my netbook with me and I'll have Internet access, but said netbook has neither TS2 nor SimPE installed so I won't be able to look at any misBHAVing objects.

#26 31-07-2014 
Effects. Now this is what I call FUN!! I've been playing around with different effects trying to find the perfect one. A glow would be awesome but I can't figure that one out. Glow it is! For some reason it didn't work earlier but I added it again and it does now! Fire was cool. The kids told me to keep that one but it isn't quite right for the Mysterious Object. Wink

Anyway, the perfect one will be foundThe perfect one was found and I'll save a copy just in case I mess up again.. then so back to the other stuff I was trying to do.
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#27 01-08-2014 
[Image: 59880_140731214816ScreenShot1696.png]

Look at that pretty platinum glow!! Yeah, I know most of it is covered by the black box. That's because nobody can see the Mysterious Object yet! That would completely ruin the Mysterious part of it. Tongue

It glows all the time but with a glow as pretty as that (when you can see the whole thing you'll see how pretty it is, lol) it can glow til the cows come home for all I care.

#28 01-08-2014 
It is a pretty glow. It makes the mystery all the more mysterious!

#29 01-08-2014 
Lol - and here am I trying to peer around the black box to see what's behind it!

#30 01-08-2014 
* Klaartje makes a mental note to pick Nix' brain (or MLC's, she seems to be a pro now too Big Grin ) next time I take a look at BHAV's

You have us all curious about the mystery object now, please link when it's allowed not-to-be-mysterious anymore Big Grin


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