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Ohmigosh, you guys, have you seen these crafting stations over at Plumb Bob Keep? There's a miner's station that looks like an actual mine and produces ore, there's a rabbit hutch that produces rabbits and pelts, there's like eight different fruit trees, and there's berry bushes that produce berries and leaves. (And eventually there will be a butcher's station that produces different cuts of meat.)

They are awesome creations! (The link is to the page with all four of the stations listed.)

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New crafting stations Screenshot    
Download link
#2 27-07-2014
Eeeeee!!!!!!!!! Going over to look right away. Thanks Esme!

Coming back to say that Sun&Moon is a genius. I wish I could log in and thank them.

#3 27-07-2014
Sorry Jo!!!! I was going to ask them about your log in!! Totes forgot, will go do it right now!

#4 27-07-2014
Shouted out on tumblr too


Sorry, that is a members only option