Sims4 CAS modding tool available
#1 27-07-2014 
Granthes over at the has a new modding tool available for the Sims4 CAS. We can make recolours and they don't need to be defaults.

Read all about it here SIMS4 CAS RECOLOR TOOL
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#2 27-07-2014 
Excellent. Thanks for letting us know. Smile

#3 27-07-2014 
Thanks for helping get the word out.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new outfits / hairs / tattoos / etc. that people come up with.


#4 28-07-2014 
Wait, does this mean that the Sims 4 CAS is now generally available?

#5 28-07-2014 
Nope, you would still need access to the demo code. August 12th as a tentative release date for everyone.

#6 31-07-2014 
I can wait till then, I spose!

#7 31-07-2014 
Apparently I have access to the demo, in theory, but as I don't haave access to my PC, doesn't really matter, lol. But I found the invite email the other day, about a week after I got it Wink Was a bit behind on my email Tongue

#8 04-08-2014 
Greetings everyone,

New update to the recolor tool is available at This version handles pattern swatches better than the original, if you clone from an item with one anyway.

Take a look and let me know what you think.


#9 05-08-2014 
Thank you, Grant. Smile


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