The Sims 2 custom radio station bug.
#1 28-07-2014 
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I've got a problem with the custom radio station,
it seems to loop the same song over and over again,
and selecting "Next song" does nothing,
the only way to change song is to turn of the stereo and turn it back on again. Undecided

All the songs are in .mp3 format if that makes any difference.
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#2 05-08-2014 
1. Are you selecting just one song at a time on your custom station, or are you adding multiple songs?
2. Is this from the Sims 2 Ultimate, or are you having this issue with your original game?
3. mp3 is good, but how large is the file size / encoding? (really high quality mp3s used to break my game)
4. Is this only for your custom stations, have you tried adding custom songs to your other stations?
5. Where are you storing your mp3s?


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