So I took heed of the find, downloaded it and fiddled for a couple of hours.

Now I got a red coat, with a black belt and shiny brass buttons.

Not entirely sure that it's good enough to upload - but I know my sim is going to like it. Big Grin

I wanted a Red Coat... Screenshot I wanted a Red Coat... Screenshot          
#2 29-07-2014
That's an utterly *red* coat with shiny brass buttons and what may once have been a black belt. It looks fantastic, Kiri. I like it!

#3 29-07-2014
It is a very nice red coat, Kiri.

#4 01-08-2014
Nice shade of red, Kiri. Smile

Also, is it wrong that I read it as 'red shirt' instead of 'coat', and thought "Uh-oh, someone's not going to make it."

Think subconsciously my brain is telling me it's time for me to do another Star Trek (the original series or Generations) marathon. Celebrate


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