Challenge - August 2014 - Decorating
#11 12-08-2014 
Kiri, thank you for hosting this and for sharing your cottage! Your version with the gorgeous blue siding makes me think of the movie Pollyanna, the time and the place and the charm c: and all the color on the interior is so cheerful. I wish I could help you with the bathroom issues but I was stumped by that 2x6 section too :3

And lee, I love the backstory too! There is something about this house that makes me think: this is where you come home to after a long sea voyage. The grey brick and blue details on the windows add to that. How in the world did you fit a study and a mud room in? Very impressed with how nice it looks with such minimal custom content too.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2030]
Lee suggested I make a pirate hideout, so here is Bramble Hideaway. For pirates. Look who decided 'please keep the spirit of the place' meant they could change external walls. I'm sorry, I had to, it couldn't be helped, I have a thing about roofs, it's complicated Rolleyes
I had North Carolina in mind instead of the Caribbean for Bramble Hideaway. I imagine a captain, first mate, and three other crew members found an inlet off the coast that led them to this hiding spot. The air is so heavy with humidity and I can hear the cree-cree of frogs and feel the itch of mosquito bites. Perfect, no one will look for them here.

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#12 12-08-2014 
I like this very much Shasta! That looks great!

I love all the chooks outside too. Big Grin It's hard to pick what I love best about what you've done with it - I love the whole beachy/piratey/relaxed feel to the place and the interior restructure looks so much better!

The picture of the sea monsters in the kitchen is whimsical and fun and looks like a great place to cook. Smile It feels like the sort of place I'd pad around in my bare feet just enjoying the day in. Smile

#13 12-08-2014 
OMG shasta, that is downright adorable! And the sea monster painting is cracking me up. Rofl

#14 12-08-2014 
Oh ha ha thank you, lee, for fixing my post! Like a super-hero swooping in and rescuing my thumbnail Big Grin
And thank you very much kiri and fansee for the nice comments, it was REALLY fun and I'm looking forward to seeing what others do this month!
And I'm hoping there willl be a similar challenge in September! And October! And... you get the picture c:

#15 12-08-2014 
* leefish boggles at her house being called minimal cc - I thought it was tons...

Love the house Shasta - and the big pile of pirate gold in the master bedroom is my fave bit.

#16 13-08-2014 
I can do that Shasta, I have plenty of house shells that have been hiding on my hard disk. Smile

#17 13-08-2014 
ALSO - WCIF that mission bookcase?

* leefish loves mission stuffs

#18 13-08-2014 
I really love the house, shasta! I think the parrot outside is my favourite bit, or maybe the fishing net and broken window, or wait, is that dining table a piece of wood on top of barrels? Now I can't decide Big Grin

#19 13-08-2014 
Thank you all for the nice comments, this was so much fun!

*very excited to see what other people do this month*
*very excited about a new house to decorate next month*

lee, FT version of Mission bookcase and the whole OFB set

#20 14-08-2014 
SA99 is definitely one to check out ALL her stuff. (I love her Indian Superset).


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