August 2014 - TO-DO Lists
#1 02-08-2014 
My list was super short last month.
1. Toddler Month -- DONE! Big Grin

This month will be a bit longer!

1. The Tiny Tulips Set. Fix Hood view. Upload to Blog.
2. Maisie's Sign (sent to Maisie, so 1st part done. Recolours stick, slight mapping change, now for recolours and ready to go). - in progress
3. Colour Surge Palette recolours for Oaktowne Sofa - finish the last one (foil)
4 Colour Surge Palette recolours for wallpaper - in progress
5. Finish Pru's Englishifying Calendars.
6. Rest of Toddler Month uploaded to MTS.
7. Bramble Cottage finished.
8. Super Secret project for end of August at N99.
9. Upload Ergo recolours -- DONE
10. Finish Dillmans Grove Beach Lot

HIBERNATING - because I'm completely un-motivated to do them.
- Round 1 Lot in AGS (requires the sorting out of AGS)
- Bedding fixes
- Add-ons for Beddings
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amazon wishlist because Lee said so.
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#2 02-08-2014 
I'll try this again, now that the month isn't almost over.

1. Play something on the Mac to get closer to finishing out the rotation so a rebuild starts clean (only two and a half days left, which is one play session, practically!)
2. Stage eight (8) shots so I can finally finish my next story chapter... and they're not super complicated shots, either (I did stage eight shots in July, but they were for a different episode...) Done 8/7/14
3. Print out rebuilding sheets for everyone (again) Redone more better gooder in Excel 8/24/14
4. Build two (2) lots to completion
5. Have a crack at Kiri's decorating contest, because I can Tongue
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#3 02-08-2014 
Well, looks like I didn't cross off anything from my July list. Whoops. Anyways, here's an updated list:

1. Hood
2. 5 6 Penny Lane - 'cos 5 already exists Tongue
3. Career tutorial
4. Into the Woods Nursery recolor set
5. Bathroom/Kitchen walls in Maxis colors
6. Finish Maxis color palettes and upload as resource
7. Bramble Cottage Decorating Challenge
8. SesameStreet CC Add-ons
9. TS3 > TS2 conversion of favorite sofa's
10. IKEA MICKE desk set

The Back-Burner
* Make your own Picasso - TS3 paintings
* Modern City Rugs TS3
* Career pack for Elders - until I'm better at BHAV's
* UNI majors
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